Renelle Kathryn Stewart
Ms. Stewart's work deals with the construction of organic and architectural forms that involve form, spatial organization, color, imagination and aesthetics. Using collaboration of glass, metal and miscellaneous "found" objects, her designs are a personal expression of archaic, spiritual and color symbolism. The circular images signify the path of transcendence. The agate rocks and crystals are used to channel and receive energy and develop communication. The usage of light that is predominant through all her pieces is symbolic of the manifestation of mortality, the intellect and the spirit. In her work she uses light as the creative force in the life of the individual that one looks upon for spiritual strength.
She is influenced by mythology and religious architecture, and is interested in the spiritual essence that seeks expression in all things. Her use of symbolism taps into the unconscious and mythic layers of perception, to reach higher spiritual quality. By simply viewing her work, it is clear that her purpose is to stay true to the ritual of producing sacred pieces of art.

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